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    Valuable Resource for Teens, Parents & Mentors

    Ready. Set. Not Yet!   creates opportunities for intentional collaboration to better equip and support teens on their sexual journey. 

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    Make this book a bestseller

    Championing Teenage Sexual Wholeness

    Ready. Set. Not Yet!  envisions a future in which sexual wholeness is the norm and celebrated first choice of the next generation. Such a future is possible!  

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    Make this book a bestseller

    Helping Parents Break the Silence 

    Ready. Set. Not Yet!   recognizes that parents of teens can no longer afford the "luxury" of silence about sex if youths are going to overcome the pressures of today's hyper-sexualized culture. 

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Here's your fast track into the heart of  Ready. Set. Not Yet!  
An engaging one-minute preview of what Ready. Set. Not Yet!  has in store, with answers to questions like these: Why this book? What need does it meet? What solutions and benefits does it offer? What's the main appeal?

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About Ready. Set. Not Yet!

About the Book

"What do sprinters in starting blocks, waiting for the start of a race, have to do with the teenage sexual journey?

Ready. Set. Not Yet! engages teens with this excellent athletic metaphor which increases their awareness and clarity about sexual false starts and motivates their pursuit of sexual wholeness.

Ready. Set. Not Yet! empowers teens to successfully navigate the path to sexual wholeness, regardless of past experienc.

Your Path To Sexual Wholeness

In a highly sexualized society and culture, young people can feel overwhelmed with temptation, pressure, and conflicting messages. Ready. Set. Not Yet! reaches teens by building a bridge that breaks the silence between older and younger generations.

Using the metaphor of a champion sprinter in the starting blocks awaiting the start of a race, Ready. Set. Not Yet! presents unique, relevant, and refreshing perspectives.

  • Provides an oasis of hope beyond the usual teachings on “sexual purity,” which often seems out of reach.
  • Helps teens discover the spiritual mysteries God had in mind when He invented sex. These mysteries and other “secrets” give young people compelling reasons to pursue sexual wholeness.
  • Presents an authentic and welcoming tone that creates a safe place for young men and women to explore their feelings, uncertainties and life goals.
  • Reflection questions, practical ideas, prayer tools, and a wealth of scripture make Ready. Set. Not Yet! a valuable resource for teens, parents, and youth workers
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What Ready. Set. Not Yet! Offers


Authentic, welcoming tone, and a safe place to explore feelings, uncertainties, and life goals.
Interactive learning experiences.
Empowerment to bridge conversational gaps with parents.
Discovery of God’s “Big Ideas” about sex.
An oasis of hope that puts sexual wholeness within reach.
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Family talking about the book "Ready. Set. Not Yet!"


Builds a bridge for nonjudgmental conversations with teens about sex.
Breaks the silence and helps parents find their voice.
Creates opportunities for wholesome generational legacy transfers.
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Youth Leaders

An effective resource to comfortably share biblical perspectives and interact with teens.
Increased opportunities to connect parents and teens.
Practical, relatable mentoring ideas.
"Ready. Set. Not Yet!" is for youth leaders
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Table of Contents





Beloved Teen


What’s Inside


Some Key Words


Getting the Most from Ready. Set. Not Yet!


Section 1: Why Not Yet?


Chapter 1: Timing Is Everything


Chapter 2: Waiting Is for Preparation


Chapter 3: It’s Worth the Wait


Section 2: There’s More to Sex


Chapter 4: Airplanes and Kisses


Chapter 5: God’s Big Ideas


Chapter 6: Big Ideas about Relationship


Chapter 7: Pursuing Sexual Wholeness


Chapter 8: You’re in a Battle


Chapter 9: False Starts Are Costly


Section 3: Reset and Reroute


Chapter 10: Reset Is Possible


Chapter 11: You Have a Way of Escape


Chapter 12: Five Practical Ps for Sexual Wholeness


Chapter 13: Protect What You Love


Chapter 14: See Your Future Now


Chapter 15: Never Forget This One Thing


Bonus Section: Find More Here


A. Sexuality Reset Prayers


B. Reboot Your Mind Collection


C. The Father’s Blessing


D. Teen Life-Stage Blessing


E. Bite-Size Blessing Selections


About the Author






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About the Author

Marva M. Tyndale is passionate about the spiritual wellbeing of the next generation and leads a not-for-profit organization (www.realidteaching.org). She has authored three other books to advance her mission as a messenger of hope to the generations. Her classic motto echoes across generational lines: “I missed it but you don’t have to.”

Amidst the rapid sexualization of society and resulting brokenness, Marva is committed to courageously creating a wholesome legacy script for youths today and those to come. The hope, clarity, and awareness that she brings is helping young people realize that sexual wholeness is within their reach, regardless of past experiences. In response to her compassion, wisdom, transparency, and ability to relate, many have embraced her as “Auntie Marva.”

Marva has four adult children. She is a grandmother, and lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada with her husband, Maurice. She holds two theological Master’s degrees and an honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Marva M. Tyndale
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